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What Is
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To be the largest community platform for businessmen and professionals.


  • To embrace the existing community of businessmen and professionals
  • To connect each businessmen and professionals to reach mutual goals
  • To accelerate the growth of positive values that will contribute to business, self, and society's development
iCommunity's Goals
To unite all iCommunity members in friendship, collaboration, and understanding.
To promote collaboration spirit within the members.
To instill positive values in business and professional world.
To create a platform where business and professional communities can learn, grow, and develop using learning resources, business matching, and referrals.
iCommunity's Code of Ethics
  • We are businessmen and professionals who work hard, work smart, and collaborate
  • We put reputation on higher importance in doing businesses and prioritize collaboration between the members. Without turning other members into potential sales targets or creating unhealthy competition within the community
  • We are fully aware that by creating relations, we will be able to increase our fortune as a whole. Therefore, we are ready to share our relations to support each other
  • We act positively in the community, doing all activities based on goodwill
  • If we ever violate or break this Code of Ethics, we are willing to be given warnings, reprimanded, or given penalties
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