Consider Gold as A Low-Risk Investment |

Consider Gold as A Low-Risk Investment

17 Oct 2022
Investment is the activity of putting money or capital into a company or project in order to make a profit. From this investment activity, it can be seen that investment pays attention to the time period and objects used to generate profits. Investment activities in our country are commonly referred to as investments in the form of company shares traded on the Indonesian stock exchange. This time, however, we will discuss gold and other precious metals as an investment alternative.

Gold is a strong physical characteristic, precious metal because it is stable, does not change in substance, does not oxidize in normal air, and of course is pure gold. In essence, it is more commonly used for collection and storage. How we perceive gold when we invest and how we can tell gold apart from other objects.

Gold as an investment instrument is very safe compared to long-term savings, which can be eaten by termites and subject to administrative fees, interest rates, and other banking costs.  Gold, on the other hand, has a stable value and the potential to increase in value over time and under certain economic conditions.

The value of other assets that are vulnerable to inflation and deflation can fall, but gold is the safest of all assets in this regard. And gold is the right solution in investing in something that has dropped a bit in value but is expected to rise again.

Gold's liquidity is one of the reasons for its popularity, and it's simple to exchange it by visiting a gold shop. If you keep an eye on the international market, gold will tend to strengthen. Profitable, gold tends to rise and becomes a good long-term investment option. Gold's relatively low risk is limited to the short term; its price is highly volatile and its duration tends to grow, but it can be a lifesaver in extreme situations.