How to Build a Business with Only 2 Million? |

How to Build a Business with Only 2 Million?

22 Jun 2023
Build a business or become an employee? When people are given both options, people tend to think that being an employee does not require business capital, but it depends on how you look at it. Building a business with 2 million capital for a 1 billion restaurant? Not possible. However, with 2 million rupiah it is possible to build a business, but on a smaller scale.

For example, you can build a small food stall that can then grow into a restaurant and increase your value to 1 billion. However, it all takes time. The key is to always try and be creative in building a business because no business becomes big right away.
If you are a creative person, then business can also be done with 0 rupiah business capital, how?
  • Make a Proposal
As a person who has a business idea but does not have business capital. We can make a proposal about the description of the business to be created which contains SWOT, namely Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat of the business to be created. Everything must be described as specifically as possible.
  • Make a Business Plan and Financial Plan
After making a proposal you must also have a Future plan for your business, how the business picture that you will build in the next 5 years, 10 years, which is also equipped with a Financial Plan. The Financial Plan must also be carefully thought out from how it is produced to later operational costs and profits.
  • Investor Pitching 
If all the needs related to the business proposal and financial plan have been well prepared, it's time for you to pitch to investors. If you have creativity, always try, and certainly have the right networking, any investor is ready to accept your proposal and invest if you have a good business plan, marketing and sales strategy.
Even if you have 0 business capital or whatever you have, if you are willing to try, willing to move, creative, and have the right networking, you can build your own business and have your own employees without having to be an employee of someone else's company.