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iCommunity: An International Entrepreneurs' Community

03 Oct 2022
Networking is the best way to find business partners because it involves developing mutually beneficial relationships with other businesses. iCommunity is a startup community platform that connects business owners and professionals to collaborate on a national and international scale. This business community was only established in February 2022. This community currently has hundreds of members, a total of 73 business references, and a total of 337 million rupiahs in business transactions.

Members of the iCommunity receive three major benefits, including:
1. You will learn how to develop yourself and your business.
2. Connecting, you will be connected with all iCommunity members' business people and professionals throughout Indonesia.
3. Possibility, you will have numerous opportunities to grow your business and profession.

Entrepreneurs also require collaboration to reap numerous benefits, including:
- Through networking, we can obtain business-related information such as insights or new knowledge to help us grow our businesses.
- Networking can also help you build relationships with professionals, whether it's a mentor, a professional contact, or a business mentor.
- Creating connections by organizing events that allow people to publicize their personal profiles as business owners.

All of these aspects are then summarized into the main activities, which are abbreviated as M.I.C.R.O, namely Meet, Interaction, Collaboration, Reference, and Opportunity, which means that entrepreneurs can meet each other, interact, collaborate with one another, references, as well as a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs who join iCommunity to grow.

Prospective members can begin their collaboration in iCommunity in three ways. Prospective members must first register their members on the iCommunity website https://icommunity.id/ before looking for 'meetings' by receiving an invitation or registering as a guest. Members can also use the meeting feature based on the options available, which are Online, Offline, and Hybrid.

A member's ability to network with other businesspeople and professionals can be configured individually.

The M.I.C.R.O. activities, which stand for Meet, Interaction, Collaboration, Reference, and Opportunity, are incorporated into a variety of routine activities. In addition to the goal of beginning collaboration with other business people, iCommunity routine activities such as iCommunity Level Club (ILC), iCommunity Business Matching (iBM), iCommunity One on One Meeting (iOM), and iCommunity Refers a Business can help members develop both skills and networking (iRB). iCommunity Business Summit (iBS) and iCommunity Company Visit (iCV) (iBS).
  1. iCommunity Level Club (ILC) is a weekly program in which iCommunity will present various well-known speakers with professional (expertise) in their fields, such as business, pitching, communication, and investment. Every month, this ILC will also empower its members to make presentations/pitching related to the business they have; it is hoped that through this program, the members' businesses will grow
  2. iCommunity Business Matching (iBM), is a collaborative meeting between companies that is carried out more privately so that the members in it can freely communicate with each other to achieve a joint collaboration. In this case, iCommunity will serve as host and mediator for business people and professionals.
  3. iCommunity One on One Meeting (iOM), a private forum held with managers and employees or team members to provide evaluation or feedback. In this One on One Meeting, we frequently identify a problem and work together to solve it so that it can benefit not only the company, but the core of everything is that the employees or human resources in it continue to grow.
  4. iCommunity Refers a Business (iRB) is a place where business strategies can be found and offered based on current business/business conditions.
  5. iCommunity Company Visit (iCV) conducts Company Visits to its members on a regular basis. Typically, the company visit will also provide various new insights/experiences/collaborations through discussion or sharing, with the primary goal of improving and providing direct experience to iCommunity members to be applied in developing their business.
  6. iCommunity Business Summit (iBS) is a gathering of Founders/Entrepreneurs to share new ideas and insights.
These are just a few of the M.I.C.R.O iCommunity activities; all of these iCommunity activities have been registered with KOMINFO Indonesia. Furthermore, the iCommunity Community has obtained a number of national and international collaborations, including Impactner, Light Bridge, Kenari Djaja, Permata Hijau Suites, Solar Panel Houses, SECI Institute, ASENSI, and others.