Pentingnya Pebisnis & Profesional Siapkan Strategi Hadapi Era Transformasi Digital |

Pentingnya Pebisnis & Profesional Siapkan Strategi Hadapi Era Transformasi Digital

01 Feb 2023

The Digital Transformation Era is a process and strategy of applying technology in all activities that were originally conventional to digital. This change is certainly unavoidable, because the development of technology is currently growing rapidly, where the addition of digital to all aspects of life makes activities faster. 

Through digital transformation, various stakeholders can get a new perspective. Not only in the business sector, but also in the property sector, banks, and the health sector. This will be packaged interestingly in a National Forum entitled Indonesia Digital Transformation Forum (IDTF 2023) which will be held by iCommunity in its first anniversary on February 25, 2023 at IBIS Harmony, Central Jakarta. Seeing the digitalization that has occurred in all aspects, IDTF 2023 will discuss it with 6 (six) great speakers who are professionals and experts in their respective fields. To find out more clearly about the importance of how to deal with the Digital Transformation Era from various aspects, below:

The Importance of Digital Transformation for Businesses and Companies

Technological advances and digital transformation bring many changes to customer or consumer behavior. The most basic change is how consumers' interest in shopping where consumers no longer like traveling out to see goods directly, but prefer to shop online. This is considered by them to be able to save costs and time spent shopping at shopping centers. 

In terms of services, business people and companies must also be able to improve their performance, even though digitally they must be able to provide information related to the products or services offered without time and place restrictions. More optimal service must also be seen in terms of the purchase transaction process, delivery, to complaints about obstacles that may occur and how to overcome them. That way, this digital transformation can increase satisfaction for consumers. 

More than that, will be discussed at IDTF 2023 with Dr. Bayu Prawira Hie, MBA, Executive Director of Intelectual Business Community, Andra Yusuf, Chief Commercial Officer of Jubelio, and Susanty Widjaja, Chairman of the Indonesian Licensing Association. 
Digital Banking Transformation. Dealing with bank issues can sometimes be tiring for customers, isn't it? The inflexible time to go to the bank makes customers sometimes feel exhausted. With the use of technology in the field of financial services brings significant changes, in total digital transactions worldwide from 2017-2021 grew by 118%, from USD 3.09 trillion in 2017 to USD 6.75 trillion in 2021 (Statista, 2021). In Indonesia alone, the development of digital transactions grew much higher, amounting to 1,556 percent in the period 2017-2020. Electronic money transactions reached IDR 786.35 trillion in 2021. This value increased by IDR 281.39 trillion (55.73%) compared to the previous year which was only IDR 504.96 trillion (Bank Indonesia, 2021).

Although on the one hand, digital transformation also raises challenges that need to be watched out for, including personal data protection, risk of data leakage, risk of technology investment that is not in accordance with business strategy, misuse of artificial intelligence technology, risk of cyber attacks, outsourcing risk, and so on. 

We will discuss this in detail with Gupta Sitorus, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of WIR Group. 

Property Business in the Era of Digital Transformation 

What is the future in the Property Sector with Digitalization? Have you ever imagined it? Usually if you imagine that people who are interested in the property business are people who are more than 35 - 40 years old. However, this era of digitalization shows that as reported by, 36.7 percent of property searches are conducted by the 18-35 year old market segment, which belongs to the millennial generation and generation Z. This makes the market for property much more attractive. 

This makes the market for property much wider and more diverse, the buying and selling process which was originally considered complicated pu can become more practical and become a positive value for the community. However, how to deal with a wider market? What kind of strategy should be made? Do you have to make different promotional strategies? Check out IDTF 2023 on property which will be explained by Andy K Natanael, Property Marketing Advisor. 

Digital Transformation in the Health Sector Eases Public Access

With the acceleration of digitization of health-related services for the community, everything has become easier, for example, buying medicine does not need to go all the way to the pharmacy, for check-ups can also be done online with doctors who can also be selected according to the patient's wishes. These various conveniences can also help hospitals to be able to provide maximum service. So that mild, moderate, and severe diseases can be equally well handled. 

However, of course with this digitalization era it is not easy for everyone to apply it, people tend to use call centers to ask about their illnesses. In addition, there are also challenges for the health sector to compete with each other.