Successful Business Secrets, Here are 4 Tips for Selling in TikTok Shop |

Successful Business Secrets, Here are 4 Tips for Selling in TikTok Shop

22 Jun 2023
TikTok is becoming a social media favorite among Indonesians. This application allows users to create short videos with additional special effects that are interesting and easy to use. This social media has succeeded in providing space for people to be creative and express themselves. On the other hand, according to the number of tiktok users in Indonesia is the second largest after America. Now TikTok users in Indonesia have reached 109.9 million. This fantastic number has succeeded in opening up new opportunities, where the TikTok function is not only an entertainment medium, but also a medium for business promotion and expansion. This phenomenon is further supported by the TikTok Shop feature which was officially launched on April 17, 2021. 

TikTok Shop is a social commerce feature, which provides opportunities for brands to sell through the distribution of short video content and live shopping features. This live shopping can be carried out through each business's TikTok account, or in collaboration with creators. Interestingly, TikTok Shop also provides training and education facilities entitled TikTok Shop Seller Conference. This event highlights the collaboration between sellers, creators, and users to be able to maximize TikTok Shop as a medium for business development in Indonesia. Some tips that sellers need to pay attention to to successfully sell on TikTok Shop are as follows: 
  • Build interesting content

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the quality of the content. Unlike other social media, TikTok has an unpredictable algorithm. If Instagram will provide content according to each following, TikTok will present viral content with topics that are hot among the public. This opens up opportunities for your content to be seen by more TikTok users in Indonesia.
Here are some ways to get your content to "go viral" (fyp) and gain a large audience on TikTok:
  1. Follow trends, research popular music, and create unique content characters. 
  2. Try to collaborate with other creators and interact as much as possible. 
  3. Create interesting captions and use the right hastags. 
  4. Publish content during prime time. Prime time usually occurs at 16.00-17.00 or 19.00-23.00 WIB. 
  5. Be consistent and always focus on improving the quality of visuals and music.
  • Consistently deliver entertaining live streams
Not only content, now the surefire way to sell on TikTok Shop is to maximize the live streaming feature. Not just any old live streaming, you need to make sure it's interesting and entertaining. Live streaming that gets a lot of viewers will increase the chances of selling more products.
  1. Some tips that you can try to maximize live streaming are:
  2. Determine the right live time (prime time).
  3. Prepare an adequate place and tools. 
  4. Choose an interesting live title. 
  5. Prepare the topic carefully. 
  6. Do a CTA (Call To Action). 
Invite the audience to have a two-way communication, answer their comments, and repeat persuasive sentences, such as "Let's buy immediately! Check-out now! The promo price is only valid during the live event." This will effectively influence each viewer's choice while watching your live stream. 
  • Upgrade to a business account and familiarize yourself with its features
Every year, TikTok brings new features to support the creativity of every user. As a seller, you must stay updated about all these features, so that your content and live streaming are not monotonous. Not only that, for TikTok for Business users, you can also try many more diverse features, such as:  
  1. Unique engagement solution feature, where you can interact with followers in more diverse ways such as replying to comments with videos, etc. 
  2. Real-time performance tracking feature, which you can use to evaluate your content and live performance.  
  • Create ads to maximize promotion steps
The next step is to try TikTok Ads Manager. The use of ads has many uses, from increasing traffic to websites, increasing online sales, to capturing new sales leads. 
Here are some steps to create the right ads. Check it out! 
  1. Choose the type of audience, according to your desired business target.
  2. Set the budget that will be used.
  3. Design the ad carefully, by preparing intuitive video or photo content.
  4. Serve the ad, and TikTok will make sure your ad reaches the right users. 
  5. Evaluate and monitor your ads at all times.  
Now developing a business can be done through hundreds of ways and media. For this reason, business people must also be ready to accept changes, and optimize the use of media as well. Let's explore TikTok more deeply!